Clinical Studies

Advancing Alzheimer's Research Through Multiomics

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AgenT Clinical Research Program

In order to enable the most accurate early detection of Alzheimer's, AgenT is conducting what we believe to be one of the largest multiomics clinical study ever pursued in Alzheimer's research. We are collaborating with leading academic medical centers to conduct retrospective studies on hundreds of plasma samples to identify the patterns required to detect Alzheimer's and help validate AgenT’s products.

Highest Standards

Our goal is to ensure that our testing platform is accessible to all. We aim to develop the clinical and health economic evidence required for FDA and other regulatory approvals, for inclusion in Alzheimer's screening guidelines, and to support reimbursement.


Current Clinical Studies

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Wanna Be Part of Our Research Program?

We are interested in collaborations to pursue innovative research opportunities and approaches that will impact early detection of Alzheimer's.

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