Detect Alzheimer's early,
when it could be prevented

The first blood diagnosis to detect patients up to 20 years before the irreversible symptoms

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A huge challenge to take up

Around 50 million people live with Alzheimer’s worldwide, this costs $1,000 billion every year and, so far, 100% of clinical trials attempting to find a curative treatment have failed.

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No Diagnosis

Patients are treated 15 years too late due to the lack of an early diagnosis.

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Irrelevant Animal Models

Animal models used to select drug candidates do not fully replicate the human disease.

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No Cure

Currently approved medications do not change the progression of the disease.

Tackling Alzheimer's during the silent phase

Drug development in the field of Alzheimer’s disease is certainly among the most challenging and has been suffering dramatic setback regardless of the strategy developed. For 30 years, we targeted a stage of the disease which was too late to restore the cognitive impairment.
We need to detect patients 15 to 20 years before the onset of these irreversible symptoms to find an effective treatment.

Disease progression
AgenT's methodology

The first blood diagnosis of the silent phase

Combining machine learning and neuroscience, AgenT is developing specific blood biomarkers combinations for each stage of the disease. Our algorithm will allow us to detect patients during the silent phase of Alzheimer's and stratify them according to the disease progression.
AgenT diagnosis will pave the way for a personalized medicine to prevent Alzheimer's dementia.

  • Universal blood test
  • Free from invasives procedures
  • 3 stages of progression to tailored the treatment to each patient

It's time to target the silent phase of Alzheimer's disease !


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Meet the team

Jérôme Braudeau

Jérôme Braudeau

PhD in Neuroscience

Cofounder & CEO

Baptiste Billoir

Baptiste Billoir

MSc in Entrepreneurship

Cofounder & CFO

Benoît Souchet

Benoît Souchet

PhD in Neuroscience


Alkéos Michaïl

Alkéos Michaïl

PhD in Mathematics


Satoru Tada

Satoru Tada

MD, PhD in Neuroscience

Country Manager - Japan

Advisory Board

Stéphane Epelbaum

Stéphane Epelbaum, MD

IM2A, Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital

Laurent Meijer

Laurent Meijer, PhD

ManRos Therapeutics

Yannick Pletan

Yannick Pletan, MD

Chief Medical Officer
Acticor Biotech

Bernard Meunier

Bernard Meunier, PhD

Former President of the French Academy of Sciences

Claude Hennion

Claude Hennion, PhD

Founder & CEO

Nicolas Vayatis

Nicolas Vayatis, PhD

Head of the CMLA UMR 8536, ENS Paris-Saclay & CNRS

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