Alzheimer's early,
when it could be prevented

At AgenT we're developing the first blood diagnosis to detect Alzheimer's patients up to 20 years before the irreversible symptoms.

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Why early matters

Today, when we detect the disease with the current diagnostic tools, it's already too late. The brain is too damaged to be fixed.

As with most diseases, if we want to prevent the onset of symptoms or stop the progression, we need to detect Alzheimer's as soon as the first molecular brain changes appear.


Using a routine blood draw for early Alzheimer's detection

AgenT's blood test combines Machine Learning and multiomics biomarkers signals to detect Alzheimer's from the silent phase.

We envision a future where routine health screenings include a blood test for Alzheimer's, just as patients are now routinely tested for certain types of cancer. We think that if Alzheimer's is detected early enough, it could be prevented.

Pioneering a Multiomics Platform

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